Love is at the heart of all things - even if that is not your discovery yet.


It is certainly at the heart of my spiritual work and counselling, and the sum total of my experience of what may be referred to as the "divine" - whatever that may mean for you.


I hope that in the pages here you will find some help and guidance about love and what that means - certainly an experience that makes life so much richer and worthwhile.


If your only experience of love is a watered down human version then you will not know what I mean - for this is totally different.  The concept is that you discover this love and realise love for yourself - to try and fill a gap in your own life with someone else never works!


So - Love is a challenge and a delight.


From my perspective it stems from a spiritual source and motivates us to create change within – not necessarily a comfortable thing.


It also inspires us to reach out to others with that same motive and heal.


It is also something that needs to be realised in the intimate side of life - sex without love is not good - but equally bad is a sexuality without spirituality.


What you will find here is a collection of thoughts on those various aspects - the site is developing as my experiences vary.

The overall focus is spiritual - while the following sections are in development:-


  1. Relationship healing - how to develop and repair relationships

  2. Sexual practices - Different approaches to a holistic approach to sex

  3. Soul-merging - putting it all into practice


I hope you find these new sections useful - your feedback is always welcome.


The picture in the background comes as a result of a vision - of tree roots growing so close that it is difficult to see which root belongs to which tree. Although I saw it about one particular relationship so should it be with us as human beings - why would you want anything else?


Please search these pages and use them as you will – we hope the process is one that propels you along your own journey of discovery.

*Our thanks to Bakewell Tree Trail for their permission to use this photograph that forms the basis for our background picture - click here to see whole picture